Find Out Why Our Company Holds A Reputation as One of the Finest Custom Home Builders

The expertise and diverse backgrounds of our team members has allowed Grace Contracting to expand its capabilities and offerings to our clients, which include: design/build, interior renovations, residential construction, retail and commercial construction, demolition, and project management.

We Make it Happen

Founded on reliability and integrity, Grace Contracting is committed to providing quality construction services that exceed our client’s expectations.
The Grace Contracting team is comprised of talented individuals who dedicate themselves to making a positive difference in all aspects of the construction process.
We offer a list of construction services that combine cost-effective project management, specialized construction skills and a strict adherence to safety.

Our Story

A family tradition of construction experience and an ethic of hard work are at the core of Grace Contracting and Development.

John Cervini, president and owner of the company, has been in the construction industry all his life. “I’ve been interested in construction since I was six years old,” he said. “And I was working at small construction jobs since I was 12.” An electrician by trade, Cervini started the company in 2012 and has grown the business to include a diverse client base. “We’re actually pretty diverse,” he said. “We’re doing schools and public works projects, along with residential remodeling.” With its diversity in construction activity, Cervini also keeps his business model focused on providing the best services possible for his ever-expanding clientele. “We pride ourselves in our relationships with our subcontractors,” he said. “We use the same one all the time. That way we know that we’re getting the work product that we demand.” Cervini said that a guiding philosophy to Grace Contracting and Development is to explain the project to the customer.

Cervini wants to educate his clients as to why things are done. He said people are more interested in “why” things are being done than in “what” is being done. “If you show them why we do things a certain way, they will always do business with you,” Cervini said. The family legacy of the business goes back before the father-son collaboration. The company was actually named after John Cervini’s grandmother, Grace. “She inspired me – she was a strong-willed, hard-working woman,” he said. “She gave me my ‘get-it-done’ attitude.” Cervini calls construction “my passion and my love.” “No matter what, we don’t fail, we overcome problems.”



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