Design & Building Services

A Design/Build concept delivers a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design–builder or design–build contractor. A Design/Build concept utilizes the best services and work practices that Grace Contracting and Development has to offer. Grace Contracting and Development utilizes the best work practices in the design-build industry. Our design-bid-build plan creates a single point of responsibility and ensures that risk for the project owner is minimized throughout the process.

By utilizing Grace Contracting and Development in design and build, we hire the architect and the engineer. By holding a single contract that binds all parties, this changes the relationship from that of two or three separate contractual entities into one group with a shared dynamic. The process pays off in shorter construction time, efficient conflict management and overlapping delivery schedules. By holding the contract as Design/Builder, Grace Contracting and Development will be responsible for all work on the project, regardless of the nature of the contractor.

This process has unique advantages in creating a team that has worked together in many similar instances. A team such as this has established relationships and communication strategies that are evident on the first day and on the final day.
By allowing Grace Contracting and Development to utilize a Design/Build strategy, you will benefit from our many years of success in putting together the right team for your project. This is good policy and good business, because it allows for a quality project to be completed in a tightly managed schedule.




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